(Video) The Kirkwall Scroll: Freemasonry´s link to the Knights Templar

According to the researcher and historian Andrew Sinclair, an authority on History of Cambridge, canvas height of 18 feet is said to contain ancient symbols of great importance.Andrew Sinclair describes the scroll with the words ..

"Before me there was a huge wad of cloth, over 18 feet long and 5 feet wide, leading to a vision of the beautiful Garden of Eden could hardly believe my eyes. Faded pastel, sun six tips and a moon with a face surrounded by seven stars shining in the sky. Among them was a row of six mysterious symbols that could be numbers or runes. In a stretch of sea on a mountain, an eel and a fish frolicking with a whale and four other varieties of sea creatures. ""On the floor were three pigeons, a swan, sheep and a ram, a snake, a lion and other beasts with hair ranging from black cattle to camels. Behind them all was a strange hermaphrodite figure, Adam and Eve to Also, under the shade of the tree of life, man and woman united in one being, an image far removed from conventional Christianity ... "

"My eyes darted over the vast area, dazzled by his magical images and heretical. The biblical golden calf was worshiped in an inverted cross. In another cross was a snake with two priests bowing to him. Closer examination showed The roll is a central piece and two side to this central part, below the garden of Eden, there were dozens of mystic signs and two angels guarding the Ark of the Covenant - the chest containing the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone - On the sides, in two strips, two early maps of Egypt and Palestine, showing the ways of Moses and the twelve tribes of Israel, seeking the promised land, and a Christian attack on the Nile, during the Seventh Crusade ... "

"It was a strong message through the centuries one of the most mysterious and fascinating orders ever, who could bear arms - the Knights Templar. It was a message that conveys the hidden wisdom and heretical religious tradition that has been suppressed by the Church for two thousand years. Throughout this book, the Templars had passed their knowledge to the Masons. The roll was the missing link between these two secret brotherhoods."

Mr. Sinclair comes from a family line and its predecessor Masonic William St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, has been strongly associated with the Knights Templar and the legendary secret orders

All the above statements are excerpts from news reports - especially the Daily Mail since the beginning of December 9, 2000 and excerpts from "The Secret Scroll" by Andrew Sinclair, published by Sinclair-Stevenson.