Israel Seizes Syrian Ship Bringing Iranian Weapons To Gaza (March 15 2011)

This is an Article from and is about the Victoria affair (March 15 2011) when Iranian weapons were found in the ship M/V Victoria, a German-owned vessel, operated by a French company, and flying the Liberian flag.


1. On the morning of March 15, 2011, 200 miles (108 nautical miles) west of Israel's coast, an IDF navy force inspected the cargo ship M/V Victoria. The ship was sailing from the Syrian port of Latakia to the Turkish port of Mersin, and from there would continue to the Egyptian port of Alexandria.

2. The Victoria was carrying containers holding some 50 tons of weapons destined for the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. The weapons were in three containers, concealed behind bales of cotton and sacks of lentils. There were 60 mm and 120 mm mortar shells, C-704 anti-ship missiles, and ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifles. Most of the weapons, including the C-704 missiles, were manufactured in Iran.

3. It was the first time anti-ship missiles were captured, destined for the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. They would have endangered Israeli military and civilian vessels as well as Israeli strategic targets in the Ashdod-Ashqelon region at a range of the missiles is 35 kilometers (19 nautical miles). They were accompanied by instruction manuals written in Farsi. On the covers were the emblems of Iran and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, proof of the source of the weapons and of the Revolutionary Guards' Al-Quds Force's involvement in the attempted smuggling with the collaboration of Syria and the Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Weapons found aboard the M/V Victoria


10. The three containers found aboard the M/V Victoria held approximately fifty tons of weapons. According to the initial count, they were the following:

1) 230 120 mm mortar shells manufactured in Iran accompanied by a range table.

2) 2,270 M-61 60 mm mortar shells accompanied by a range table. According to the table the type of fuse involved was the AZ111-A2, developed and manufactured by Iran.

3) Six C-704 anti-ship missiles manufactured in Iran, two naval radars and operating stations for the anti-ship missiles.

Prominent among the weapons were six C-704 anti-ship missiles, manufactured in Iran based on Chinese technology. The missiles were stamped "Nasser," their Iranian name. They use a radar homing system and have a range of 35 kilometers (20 nautical miles). They missiles are light and easy to fire. Their possession by the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip would have endangered Israeli naval and civilian vessels, as well as ships arriving at the port of Ashdod and strategic targets in the area.

4) 66,960 7.62 caliber bullets for Kalashnikov assault rifles.

5) Instruction manuals in Farsi and range cards for operating the systems.

11. Prominent among the weapons were six C-704 anti-ship missiles, manufactured in Iran based on Chinese technology. The missiles were stamped "Nasser," their Iranian name. They use a radar homing system and have a range of 35 kilometers (20 nautical miles). They missiles are light and easy to fire. Their possession by the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip would have endangered Israeli naval and civilian vessels, as well as ships arriving at the port of Ashdod and strategic targets in the area.

12. The missiles were accompanied by instruction manuals written in Farsi. The emblems of Iran and the Revolutionary Guards appeared (on the front cover). According to the range cards, the fuses for the 60 mm mortar shells are AZ111-A2, developed in accordance with the requirements of the Iranian army and manufactured in Iran (Jane's Ammunition Handbook). The missiles were accompanied by accessories such as traverse, elevation, monitoring and control systems.

The M/V Victoria  and its route

13. The M/V Victoria  belongs to the German company Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG and is operated by the French shipping company CMA-CGM. It set sail from the Syrian port of Latakia and its final destination was the Egyptian port of Alexandria. It had a stopover at the south Turkey port of Mersin

14. The ship was constructed to transport containers and was built in 2004. It is owned by Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, Hamburg, which has been in operation since 1956. It is operated by the French shipping company CMA-CGM and flies the Liberian flag.

15. The French CMA-CGM is the third largest company shipping cargo in the world and the largest in France. It owns 396 ships and sails 170 different routes and has 650 agencies and offices around the globe. Its directors are Rudolf Saadé (born in 1970), son of the founder, Jacques Saadé (born in Beirut in 1937), and Farid Salem (born in Beirut in 1939 (CMA-CGM website).

16. The M/V Victoria  was not the first CMA-CGM vessel exploited by Iran to smuggle arms. In October 2010 the Nigerian security forces exposed a cargo of 13 containers of weapons aboard the M/V Everest, which sailed from Iran to the Nigerian port of Apapa in July and was en route to Gambia. The ship belonged to the Iranian Behineh Trading Company, apparently connected to a Quds Force operative (who was later arrested in Nigeria) and was operated by the French CMA-CGM, flying the flag of the Marshall Islands.

Conflict in Gaza: "Palestinians" fire rockets at civilians and use their own civilians as human shields

    Israel's unilateral disengagement plan (Hebrew: תוכנית ההתנתקות‎ Tokhnit HaHitnatkut or תוכנית ההינתקות Tokhnit HaHinatkut in the Disengagement Plan Implementation Law), also known as the "Disengagement plan", "Gaza expulsion plan", and "Hitnatkut", was a proposal by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, adopted by the government on June 6, 2004 and enacted in August 2005, to evict all Israelis from the Gaza Strip and from four settlements in the northern West Bank.
Jewish settlers resist their forced evacuation by Israeli soldiers and police in the synagogue at Neve Dekalim. Associated Press photo by Kevin Frayer
Palestinian Muslims celebrate the disengagement with
a victory march wielding weapons
Those Israeli citizens who refused to accept government compensation packages and voluntarily vacate their homes prior to the August 15, 2005 deadline, were evicted by Israeli security forces over a period of several days.  The eviction of all residents, demolition of the residential buildings and evacuation of associated security personnel from the Gaza Strip was completed by September 12, 2005.  The eviction and dismantlement of the four settlements in the northern West Bank was completed ten days later.

The Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Egypt and Israel. Israel controls Gaza's airspace and territorial waters and restricts the movement of people or goods in or out of Gaza. Israel maintains that its occupation of Gaza, as defined by Article 6 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, ended following the completion of its unilateral disengagement plan in 2005, asserting that Israel has no functions of government in the Gaza Strip.

January 2006 legislative elections brought Hamas to power of Palestinian National Authority. In 2007, Hamas overthrew Fatah (President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas´s political party)

All the Palestinian armed groups carry out rocket and mortar attacks, with varying frequency. The main groups are Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,   the Popular Resistance Committees,  Fatah (Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority´s own political party), and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Hamas is the de-facto governing authority in the Gaza Strip, while Fatah holds the presidency of the Palestinian National Authority. 
    Islamic Jihad has involved other Palestinians in the activities, running summer camps where children were taught how to hold a Qassam rocket launcher. One Islamic Jihad rocket maker, Awad al-Qiq, was a science teacher and headmaster at a United Nations school.

The Palestinian missile attacks on Israel fueled the Gaza War (2008-2009).

The Missile Attacks began in 2001. Since then, nearly 4,800 rockets have hit southern Israel, just over 4,000 of them since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. The range of the rockets has increased over time. The original Qassam rocket has a range of about 10 km (6.2 mi) but more advanced rockets, including versions of the old Soviet Grad or Katyusha have hit Israeli targets 40 km (25 mi) from Gaza.

In July 2006, a ranking member of Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank said his group had the ability to produce rockets in the northern West Bank and that major Israeli cities as well as Ben Gurion International Airport would eventually become Palestinian rocket targets. "Every day our rockets in Gaza become more accurate and do more killing and this is exactly what will happen in the West Bank", he said.

Israeli armed forces began operations against Hamas and the rocket launchers at 11:30 a.m., 27 December. More than 50 fighter jets and attack helicopters entered Gazan airspace.  Israel aimed at Hamas Military targets. Hamas later responded by firing Hamas later fired 700 rockets and mortars at Israel. After the initial Israeli aerial assault, Hamas quickly dispersed both its personnel and weapons and equipment. 

The strike range of Hamas rockets had increased from 16 km (9.9 mi) to 40 km (25 mi) since early 2008 with the use of improved Qassam and factory-made rockets. hese attacks resulted in civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure. Rockets reached major Israeli cities Ashdod, Beersheba and Gedera for the first time, putting one-eighth of Israel's population in rocket range. As of January 13, 2009, Palestinian militants had launched approximately 565 rockets and 200 mortars at Israel since the beginning of the conflict, according to Israeli security sources.  
Hamas Militant firing a Rocket and using boys as human shield
A source close to Hamas described the movement's use of stealth when firing: "They fired rockets in between the houses and covered the alleys with sheets so they could set the rockets up in five minutes without the planes seeing them. The moment they fired, they escaped, and they are very quick."  It is reported that 102 rockets and 35 mortars were fired by Fatah, Hamas's chief rival. Fatah (President Mahmoud Abbas´s party) was also firing Rockets at Israel. Militants fired over 750 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel during the conflict.

While Israel targeted Hamas Commanders and Military personnel, Hamas and other Palestinian Militants targeted Civilians. Some Hamas leaders hid in the basements of the Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City in the belief that they would be protected by human shields. (Amos Harel, Hamas leaders hiding in basement of Israel-built hospital in Gaza Haaretz, 12 January 2009). The Israeli Air strike destroyed Mosques and the homes of Hamas Commanders as weapons were stored there (see the picture on the right), Hamas targeted Synagogues and Schools (like the Kindergarten classroom on the picture on the left). 

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar has said that the goal of the attacks is to force mass migration in Israel and disrupt the daily life of its citizens. Explaining why his group had moved from suicide bombing to rocket attacks, he said:

"Which do you think is more effective, martyrdom operations or rockets against Sderot? Rockets against Sderot will cause mass migration, greatly disrupt daily lives and government administration and can make a much huger impact on the government. We are using the methods that convince the Israelis that their occupation is costing them too much. We are succeeding with the rockets. We have no losses and the impact on the Israeli side is so much."

The so called "Palestinians" also pray towards the Black cube of Mecca, which represents Saturn. Saturn is also Moloch as we see here:

This system of Moloch worship is evident when the Palestinians send their own childred to be martyred, even though they think they are doing it for Allah, it is Moloch worship. Palestinian children are also used as Human Shield: 

We see here that Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian "Liberation" movements originated from Arafat´s relative Amin Al Husseini, a Nazi who met personally with Adolf Hitler and after WWII, Hitler´s banker Francois Genoud worked in the Middle East:

We see here that a man with Rothschild connections backed Amin Al Husseini up. (Rothschilds are not Jewish nor do they practice Judaism, rather they are Knights of Malta):

To this day "Palestinian" militants continue to fire rockets at Israel and continue to target civilians and use their own innocent civilians as human shield to later on be propagandized against the Jews of Israel (remember Francois Genoud, Hitler´s banker and many Nazi propagandists worked with Palestinian Militants).

Don´t Mess With Israel

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For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye." - Zechariah 2:8 

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." - Genesis 12:3

What do these major record-setting events have in common? 
-Nine of the ten costliest insurance events in U.S. history 
-Six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history 
-Three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history 
-Nine of the top ten natural disasters in U.S. history ranked by FEMA relief costs 
-The two largest terrorism events in U.S. history 

All of these major catastrophes transpired on the very same day or within 24-hours of U.S. presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of "peace and security," sponsoring major "land for peace" meetings,  making major public statements pertaining to Israel's covenant land and/or calling for a Palestinian state. 

October 30, 1991   As President George Bush, Sr. is opening the Madrid Conference to consider "Land for Peace" in Israel's Middle East role, the "Perfect Storm" develops in the North Atlantic, creating the largest waves ever recorded in that region. 

The storm travels 1,000 miles from East to West (instead of the normal West to East pattern) and crashes into the New England coast. Thirty five foot waves crash into the Kennebunkport home of President Bush.   

August 23, 1992   When the Madrid Conference moves to Washington D.C. and the Peace Talks resume, Hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster ever to hit America , comes ashore producing an estimated $30 billion in damage and leaving 108,000 homeless in Florida .   

January 16, 1994     President Bill Clinton meets with Syria 's President Hafez el-Assad in Geneva   . They talk about a peace agreement with Israel that includes giving up the   Golan Heights . Within 24 hours a powerful (6.9 on the Richter scale) earthquake   rocks Southern California . The Northridge earthquake becomes the second most   destructive natural disaster to hit the United States , behind Hurricane Andrew. 

January 21, 1998   Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets with President Clinton at the White House and is coldly received. Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright refuse to have lunch with him. Shortly afterwards on that day, the Monica Lewinski scandal breaks into the mass media.   

September 28, 1998       Secretary of State Albright works on the final details of an agreement in which Israel would give up 13% of Judea and Samaria . Hurricane George, with winds of 110mph gusting up to 175mph, slams into the United States Gulf Coast . Hurricane George stalls. Clinton meets with Arafat and Netanyahu at the White House to finalize this land deal. Later Arafat addresses the United Nations about declaring an independent Palestinian state by May 1999. Hurricane George pounds the Gulf Coast causing $1 billion in damage. At the exact time Arafat departs the country, the storm starts to dissipate.   

October 15-22, 1998       Arafat and Natanyahu meet at the Wye River Plantation in Maryland . The talks are scheduled to last five days with a focus on Israel giving up 13% of Judea and Samaria . The talks are extended and conclude on October 23rd. On October 17th awesome rains and tornados hit Sothern Texas . The rain and flooding in Texas continue until October 22nd and then subside. The floods ravage 25% of Texas and leave over $1 billion in damage. On October 21, Clinton declares this section of Texas a major disaster area.   

November 30, 1998       Arafat comes to Washington again to meet with President Clinton to raise money for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. A total of 42 other nations were represented in Washington . All agreed to give Arafat $3 billion in aid. Clinton promised $400 million and the European nations $1.7 billion. On the same day, the Dow Jones average drops 216 points, and on December 1, the European Market had its worst day in history. Hundreds of billions of market capitalization were wiped out in U.S. and Europe .   

December 12, 1998   Clinton lands in the Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to discuss the "land for peace" process. The House of Representatives votes four articles of impeachment against Clinton .   

May 3, 1999   The day Yasser Arafat is scheduled to declare a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital the most powerful tornado storm system ever to hit the United States sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas . Winds are clocked at 316mph, the fastest wind speed ever recorded. The declaration is postponed to December 1999 at the request of Clinton , whose letter to Arafat encourages him in his "aspirations for his own land." He also writes that the Palestinians have a right to "determine their own future on their own land" and that they deserve to "live free today, tomorrow and forever."   

October 11, 1999   Jewish settlers in 15 " West Bank " ( Israel ) settlements are evicted from the covenant land in Israel . Dow Jones financial averages loses 5.7% in the worst week since October 1989. On October 15 the Dow lost 266 points. A hurricane slams into North Carolina . Next morning, October 16, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks the Southwest in the fifth most powerful earthquake in the 20th century. The earthquake was centered in the California desert and did little damage but it was felt in three states.   

August 2005   Jewish families were evicted from their homes in the Gaza communities as part of Ariel Sharon's "Disengagement" plan. This disengagement was a response to the American Foreign Policy pressure being exerted by Condoleeza Rice. As the world watched the Jews being removed from their homes, a weather system was forming in the Atlantic . 

This storm became Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed New Orleans , Louisiana (Miss Rice's home state) and an area the size of Britain , rendering thousands of Americans homeless and leaving thousands dead. Hurricane Katrina also spoiled the "Southern Decadence" weekend planned by the homosexual community for New Orleans and supported by the mayor of New Orleans . By September 7th, further parallels were becoming apparent. The Mayor of New Orleans, having been heavily criticized for ineffectiveness has ordered troops (local people) and police to evacuate all residents who refuse to leave. The police chief has expressed reservations about tackling defiant householders as it would be a "PR disaster."   

The Sator Square, Mithraism, Aeon and their connection to Abbadon

The Sator Square is a word square  containing a Latin palindrome featuring the  words SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS  written in a square so that they may be read  top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to- right, and right-to-left. The earliest known  appearance of the square was found in the  ruins of Pompeii which was buried in the  ash of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.  (Wikipedia Article on Sator Square)  

Mithras and Sol, 210 AD, Yale University
"The Mithraic Mysteries were a mystery  religion practiced in the Roman Empire  from about the 1st to 4th centuries AD"  "Worshippers of Mithras had a complex  system of seven grades of initiation, with  ritual meals. Initiates called themselves  syndexioi, those "united by the  handshake". They met in underground  temples (called a mithraeum), which  survive in large numbers. The cult  appears to have had its epicentre in  Rome."  (Wikipedia article on the Mithraic  Mysteries)   

"Mithras, the god of the sun among  the persians became popular in  Rome under the name Sol Invictus (Roman Sun God).  He is represented in innumerable  works of art as a handsome youth  wearing the Phrygian attire, and  slaying a bull which he has brought  to the ground" (Source: New Tales Of Old Rome)   

A Mithraeum is a place of worship for the  followers of the mystery religion of  Mithraism.  "The Mithraeum was either an adapted  natural cave or cavern or an artificial  building imitating a cavern. Mithraea were  dark and windowless, even if they were not  actually in a subterranean space or in a  natural cave. When possible, the  mithraeum was constructed within or  below an existing building" (Wikipedia)  These places were secret

 Here are the 7 degrees  (from the Mithraeum of  Felicissimus in Ostia) In order of importance (M.Clauss, The Roman  cult of Mithras,  p.133-138)  

Grade 1:  Corax, Corux or  Corvex (raven or  crow)  Symbols:  Beaker, Caduceus (Snake on  Staff)  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Mercury  

Grade 2 :  Nymphus, Nymphobus (male bride)  Symbols:  lamp, bell, veil, circlet/crown  (diadem)  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Venus  

Grade 3:  Miles (soldier)  Symbols:  pouch, helmet, lance, drum, belt,  breast plate  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Mars  

Grade 4 :  Leo (lion)  Symbols:  batillum, sistrum, laurel wreath,  thunderbolts  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Jupiter  

Grade 5 :  Perses (Persian)  Symbols:  akinakes Phyrgian cap, sickle, sickle  moon and stars, sling pouch  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Luna   

Grade 6 :  Heliodromus (sun-runner)  Symbols:  torch, images of Helios the Sun,  whip, robes  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Sol  

Grade 7:  Pater (father)  Symbols: patera Mitre, crozier/shepherd's staff, garnet  or ruby ring, chasuble, elaborate robes jewel  encrusted with metallic threads  Associated planet/Protecting deity: Saturn  

The 7th and highest degree of  the Mithraic Mysteries was  Pater (Father)  (Griffith, Alison."Mithraism in  the private and public lives of  4th-c. senators in Rome".  EJMS.)  

On a Sator Square, it is  possible to  write a  horizontal  and a  vertical  'Pater  Noster'  (Pater  Noster  translates  as "Our  Father", the  most  important  prayer to  Catholics)  with the  letters of  the sator  square,  forming a  Greek cross.

"The 7th and final  degree of the  Mithraic Mysteries was  associated with the  Planet and the God:  Saturn  "The Roman god Saturn  was the main deity of  agriculture (protector  of seeds and sowers) and  was associated with the  Greek god Kronos."  Saturn's connection with  agriculture suggests the nature of  time. Seeds must be sown at their  proper times and harvest can only  occur when their time of fruition  has occurred. Chronos is derived  from the Greek word Cronus  meaning "time".  

"In Greek mythology, Chronos (Ancient  Greek: Χρόνος) in pre-Socratic  philosophical works is said to be the  personification of time. His name in  Greek means "time" (and can also mean  "year" in Modern Greek) and is  alternatively spelled Chronus (Latin  spelling) or Khronos." -Wikipedia  

Chronos was depicted in  Greco-Roman mosaics as a  man turning the Zodiac  Wheel. Often the figure is  named Aeon (Eternal Time), a  common alternative name for  the god. 

 "The Titan Cronus had been conflated  (Fused) with the name of Chronos, the  personification of time in Classical  Antiquity" - LSJ Wikipedia entry Κρόνος  

Leo (♌) is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Leo. In astrology, Leo is considered to be a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and is one of four fixed signs ruled by the Sun.

Sol Invictus is the equivalent of the Greek pagan deity: Helios. Helios was at the same time identified with Apollo, as we will see from the article on Wikipedia on Helios: 

"The earliest certain reference to Apollo identified with Helios appears in the surviving fragments of Euripides' play Phaethon in a speech near the end (fr 781 N²), Clymene, Phaethon's mother, laments that Helios has destroyed her child, that Helios whom men rightly call Apollo (the name Apollo is here understood to mean Apollon "Destroyer").
By Hellenistic times Apollo had become closely connected with the Sun in cult." 

As sun-god and god of light, Apollo was also known by the epithets Aegletes (/əˈɡliːtiːz/ ə-glee-teez; Αἰγλήτης, Aiglētēs, from αἴγλη, "light of the sun"), Helius (/ˈhiːliəs/ hee-lee-əs; Ἥλιος, Helios, literally "sun") 
Source: Álvaro, Jr., Santos, Allan. Simbolismo divino. Allan Álvaro, Jr., Santos.

Apollo is Apollyon

"Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn, Greek: Apollyon, Latin: Exterminans, Coptic: Abbaton, meaning "A place of destruction", "The Destroyer", "Depths of Hell") in the Revelation of St. John, is the king of tormenting locusts and the angel of the bottomless pit. The exact nature of Abaddon is debated, but the Hebrew word is related to the triliteral root אבד (ABD), which in verb form means "to perish."  Source: Wikipedia

"And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit."
-Revelation 9 1-2

< This winged, lion-headed deity was central to the Roman sect worship of Mithras. He is called Aeon. In it´s hands are a key as he is "the monarch of the heavens whose portals he opens." according to the Mithraics "He also holds a long scepter, the symbol of authority." Notice that the Mithraic Aeon is winged and has a key, with the head of a Lion that is identified with the Sun/Helios/Sol Invictus.

Saturn is Kronos, Chronos and AEON  Meaning of the Sator Square:  Individually, sator means "the sower",  tenet "holdeth", opera "the works",  rotas "the wheels [accusative case]".  

Even the Planet Saturn has Rings around it and a Hexagonal shape on it´s north pole
Sator square with the Maltese cross forming the word AEON.

Mithras born from a Rock in the middle of a
Zodiac Wheel
Arepo is not a Latin word;  It is a description of Aeon (Saturn) who holds the wheel of the Zodiac  "Cleitarchus, Diodorus  Siculus and Plutarch  all mention burning of  children as an offering  to Cronus or Saturn,  that is to Ba‘al  Hammon, the chief god  of Carthage."  Saturn is Moloch, Chiun  and Remphan  Saturn is Satan. In archaic copies of Plato's Timaeus, the word for the planet Saturn is Helios, the "sun" god. Popular Greek traditions identified Saturn as Kronos, alter ego of Helios, and Kronos is said to have ruled "over the pole". Saturn is also known as the Black Sun.

Zodiac Wheel with the six pointed star of Saturn/Remphan/Moloch/Chiun in the middle